myUSSD Services

  • myUSSD is a service offered by Government in initiation to enhance government services through an alternative channel, via the USSD technology.

  • This service is accessible via the USSD short code of  *158#

  • Users will experience browsing through an agency’s offering via mobile phone with no downloads required.

  • myUSSD works on almost all phone models, including non-smartphones and smartphones. No Internet connection is required to access myUSSD.

  • By simply dialing the short code of *158# and press CALL to start using myUSSD Services.

  • The application will respond with a menu, offering list of  services by agency. For example, checking on application status of MyKAD/'Semakan MyKAD'  offered by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or  'Semakan Bayaran Pencen Bulanan' by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awan (JPA).

myUSSD Service Charge

  • USSD is similar to Short Message Service (SMS), but unlike SMS, USSD is session oriented transactions.

  • Charges for myUSSD is RM0.35 for up to two (2) minutes. This period is referred to a first session. If you continue with the session within 30 seconds from the expiry of the first session, there will be no charges for up to an additional two (2) minutes for the second session.