mySMS is Malaysian Government initiative to enable the public to an easy, concise and instant interaction with various Government agencies via a unique short-code of 15888.


  • To meet the Government’s aspirations of One Government Many Agencies via a standardized short-code of 15888 for ease of use to send and receive designated SMS from Government agencies.  This method is proven in minimizing the rate of errors in SMS communication between the users and the Government of Malaysia – lending effective credence to its No Wrong Door policy.
  • To provide a conducive SMS interactive platform to synergize and enhance the Government’s communication systems across all agencies end-to-end 24 x 365 so that services are available anywhere, anytime.
  • To conceive and actualize the most affordable SMS charges so the service is available to everyone from all walks of life.

SMS Services

The suite of services includes:

  • Information on Demand – Relevant SMS information based on user’s SMS request. Eg, licence application status checks and examination results.
  • Document on Demand – A function that enables documents requested by SMS to be pushed to user’s email. Eg, job application forms, road safety tips and train schedules.
  • SMS Broadcast – Mass broadcast from Government agencies to the public. Eg, income tax returns deadlines, natural calamity alerts and driving license expiry.
  • SMS Complaints – An alternative complaint channel for the public to communicate with Government agencies concisely, expediently and in real-time.


  • Each SMS transaction initiated by the user is charged RM0.35 – and is borne by the user. Eg, checks for Polis Saman, PLKN placements.
  • Each SMS notification or broadcast sent to the user is charged RM0.10 - and is borne by the respective Government agency. Eg, driving license expiry and Smart Tunnel activities.