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myMMS is a service offered under the project of myGov Mobile by Government of Malaysia through MAMPU (Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management Planning Unit), to actuate governments services through mobile platforms for quick, easy access in real-time, from anywhere. This project was initiated to take advantage of the benefits using mobile technology to provide an effective, fast and economical way for public to access to government’s services besides establishment of better communication within both parties. It is one of many eKL initiative’s project in improving the delivery system of government services.

This service is an enhancement of SMS, where public is able to send and receive Multimedia Messages comprising a combination of text, images and even video clips. All of this is accessible via short code the same shortcode of 15888.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send and receive multimedia messages comprising a combination of text, images, sound and even video clips.

SMS allows you to send and receive text messages only. With MMS, you can send and receive messages comprising a combination of text, images, sound and even video clips.

Unlike SMS, an MMS message doesn't have a defined size and can vary between 2kb to 100 kb. This value is provided as a guide - certain mobile phones that support higher resolution images or colour will have larger file size requirements. However, this is also mobile phone dependent.

With myMMS service public is now able to engage with the Government beyond text. Information and complaints can be shared with pictures to various participated government agencies; therefore a more accurate message can be delivered.

i. Celcom

ii. Maxis

iii. Digi

Each MMS send is charged RM0.40. Each MMS broadcast received is FREE.

A standard Telco charge of RM0.20 will apply for each SMS sent. However, in case of no acknowledgement received, you will NOT be charged for the SMS response / reply.

This service is available to both the public & Government sectors.

Currently the limit is 100KB. This will be reviewed this from time to time accordingly to Telco's advised. In order to accommodate newer mobile phones that support larger file sizes.

No. MMS is sent on your initiation. Each MMS you send is charged RM0.20 and each successful SMS response is charged RM0.20. Broadcast message is free and is only sent to your mobile unit upon your registration as a member of mySMS or respective Government agency.

myMMS gateway supports images in .jpg, .jpeg and .png format.

Yes, only MMS within 100kb can be delivered successfully. And please note this is also Telco dependant.

Under normal circumstances, the MMS will be sent within 3 to 4 minutes. Please note that this is Telco dependant. Vary Telco may has different delivery time.

You will see an alert message "1 new multimedia message received" on certain models of mobile phone. On smartphone, the message will appear in your message inbox.

You will receive an SMS, which tells you "You have been sent a picture message". Please note that capability is also Telco and device dependant.

Please ensure your mobile phone is MMS compatible.

Prices displayed do not include GST. For prepaid users, 6% GST has been included upon purchase of reload. For postpaid users, 6% GST will be charged in monthly bill. For more information, kindly contact your Telco directly.